I decided to focus my energies today in a new charity project I am setting up to do with my hair dressing. I had the idea a while back and have decided to make it a reality. In memory of my brother Toby who suffered for most of his twenties with schizophrenia and depression until his decision to end his life in front of a train 15 years ago, I have started a project called…


My brother was a handsome man who took a lot of interest in his appearance, he was always dressed sharply and his hair was a thing of great pride. After his death an entry in his diary made me laugh out loud…it simply said ‘hair superb!’

In memory of my brother I would like to offer people in need of a boost in self esteem a free haircut, in order to help feel better about what’s on the inside by feeling better about the outside. I have approached Mind and a local homeless charity so far and hope to have a network of agencies that can make anonymous referrals so that I am aware not to charge.

The project has given me a spark of excitement and a focus on others which helps me feel less sorry for myself at the minute. There has been a lot of physical illness to deal with of late and some personal history to digest which has made sense of a large chunk of my past. Focusing on the future and creating a project which will provide a little sunshine is helping me recover, my sense of self is returning slowly and my confidence grows once more.