I am particularly sensitive sometimes, its both a blessing and a curse which means I sometimes read too much into what people say or do. The positive side of it means I think a lot about the world around me and the people in it, the way they interact with each other and with me. It gives me a sense of curiosity about people and leads me to find out more about them, often discovering surprising stories and informing my work, giving me ideas.

On good days it feeds my creativity, the other day I was in a great mood and I noticed so many acts of random kindness, the young man helping an older lady up after tripping, people holding doors open, every smile. Its great to notice these things when they happen and I try to look out for them.

On negative days I tend to see how unhappiness in people can make them react negatively to the world around them. One of the hardest things I am still learning to do is not to take a persons negativity personally. It can feel personal, especially when a comment is said as a ‘joke’ or without thought. To see past a persons anger, pain or unhappiness and listen to what it is they are trying to say is a great skill to possess, even more so if you can learn to wait before responding and try to offer words of ┬álove and comfort rather than a pithy reply.

We all have the power to make or ruin a persons day with a single comment and we should never underestimate the strength of our words.