I’ve just read a social media guru’s advice on using social media…


…and realise I break most of his ‘branding’ bullet points on a daily basis. My particular favourite was ‘don’t be kitsch or erratic or bizarre!’…so it would seem my brand is doomed.

The fact is, I am my brand and as my work is all about highlighting the imperfections we all have in life I can hardly go about building my ‘brand’ to look slick, glossy and sophisticated (as it would be a complete lie).The past few months of blogging and using twitter and facebook has built my confidence, I am becoming far less concerned about my public image and just accepting my many faults as I accept others. I am painfully aware of other peoples judgements moving through middle age, but am much more accepting of their attitudes, and reasons for them. Its getting easier to be able to move past them without taking criticism so crippling personally.

Maybe this is what ‘finding yourself’ feels like? Like Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love* (which would be dreadful as it completely negates the need to run away to Goa, wear leather trousers or join a Kibbutz).

My ‘brand’ will remain resolutely unpolished and all I can hope is that it will be a small floater of unique authenticity in a sea of polished perfection.

*Awful film…please don’t bother watching.